We believe everything is connected

          The creative bone is connected to the mind bone;

                           the mind bone is connected to the heart bone;
                                the heart bone is connected to the passion bone;
                   the passion bone is connected to the funny bone. 

We believe earth is a happier place when folks create out of their passion.


We believe creativity is a learned behavior that gets better with training and practice. By preserving and developing critical thinking through art instruction that emphasizes ideas and innovation – as well as skills and techniques – we tap originality.


We believe when we are mindful to nurture the spirit of artists who enter into our safe space, while introducing


concepts that enhance productivity and life achievement, we empower and enable artists to become problem solvers and better communicators, which fuels their uniquely-driven passions.


We believe if we provide art instruction with clear and focused assignments that allow freedom in how the tasks will be accomplished, we foster a no fear environment and create confidence. It’s not about finding the correct answer or rule; it’s about awareness, perception and making choices. Let freedom ring.


What they say about us.

An art room is where one can explore and express themselves. I am thrilled that Createria Studios will be opening in Old Coppell. We need such a special place in our city.

Rebecca Boatman

art teacher & former owner of the "Art Annex"

"As a novice in the world of art, I have had the privilege of learning from Kate's vision, talents and philosophical belief that art is an intrinsic life journey. Sharing her passion with eager students, young and old, will truly bring excitement, understanding and a lot of fun to those who begin that colorful journey into the world of art."

Kim Testa,

longtime friend

Our team

Get to know us!

Kate with one of her sculptures that was on exhibit at the Texas State Fair.

Kate Shema

Owner / Head Instructor

I've wanted to be an artist since grade school. As a teenager I taught crafts to preschool kids in Sunday school. Making things and showing others how to make things just comes naturally. I’m happiest when I‘m creating something.


In high school I spent all my free time in the art room making pen and ink stipple drawings, brush calligraphy and working with clay and metal arts.

I attended Kutztown University in Pennsylvania to study Art Education and Graphic Design. My favorite Art Ed project was a child art study analyzing stages of a child’s development through their artwork.


I graduated KU with a BFA in Communication Design and started working as a graphic designer. While working on marketing concepts and communications for businesses, I developed the ability to generate fresh ideas and find effective solutions to solve marketing challenges.


After moving to Texas in 1987, I enjoyed many successful years in advertising as a Creative Director, leading teams of creative people to develop successful advertising concepts and marketing solutions within budget and time constraints.


Drawing from my experience in marketing, I would like help kids, tweens, teens and adults think conceptually and be problem solvers.


For my own enjoyment I make ceramic sculptures, draw, paint, fold (origami), and make jewelry. I have also exhibited large ceramic sculptures at the Texas State Fair for several years. My style ranges from whimsical to abstract.


I want to offer classes that enrich people's lives through art.

Chris Brandt


Chris Brandt currently works mainly with clay, creating figurative sculptures. When painting, crayons and hot glue combine with oils to create expressive paintings. She graduated from The Ohio State University with BFA in Drawing and Painting, and is currently pursuing a Master of Art Education degree from Texas Tech.

Chris is a teaching artist at a private girls' school in North Dallas.  She has displayed work in the Dallas area, and has a piece in the Nasher Family private collection.

Createria Studios

For the art, the mind and the soul.

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